40 Medium Length Celebrity Hairstyles We Love

There's so many different ways you can style this popular cut.

From Woman's Day

Though long hair is romantic and short hair has spunk, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a mid-length 'do. Plus, it's so easy to manage, and the styling options are endless. Here's how to get the looks of your favorite stars like Viola Davis, Drew Barrymore, Leslie Mann, and more.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's iconic messy bun is so simple to recreate: Just pull your blow-dried hair into a low bun and then curl the two front sections.

Cameron Diaz

This sleek ponytail rocked by Cameron Diaz is so elegant yet simple to recreate. Just blow dry your hair, part down the middle, and pull back into a low ponytail. Finish with shine spray.

Angela Bassett

The "Black Panther" star stuns in this white jumpsuit paired with bangs and a sleek straight hairstyle. To get this look, flatiron your hair and bangs, then add some shine spray.

Shay Mitchell

To get Shay Mitchel's messy curled look, part your hair deeply to one side. Then, curl air-dried hair with a wand and finish with hairspray.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall proves that a simple ponytail can make any outfit look good. To get this look, simply blow try your hair and pull it into a high ponytail. Tassel with texture spray for some volume.

Kim Cattrall

Besides defying the aging process, Kim Cattrall knows how to rock a good hairstyle. Recreate this curly 'do by blow drying your hair, parting it down the middle, and then moving it through a curling wand. Finish with hairspray to keep in place.

Constance Wu

How fun is this look by Constance Wu? If you're going out on the town, curl your hair and pull the top half into a spunky ponytail.

Kristin Cavallari

Kristen Cavallari recently chopped her long locks in addition to launching her new brand, Uncommon James. After parting your hair centrally, curl your blonde strands away from your face to stun just like her.

Cardi B

The new mama and rapper has never look better with this chic straight hairstyle. Straighten blow dried hair with a flat iron and softly pull the ends inward to add some dimension.

Kerry Washington

Get Kerry Washington's soft beachy curls by curling your side-parted hair and then tasseling for some messy waves. Finish with texture spray.

Kelly Ripa

If you've been wanting to try a bob hairstyle, take some inspiration from Ripa - her long bob is easy to style and looks great with waves or sleek and straight.

Viola Davis

Davis' full curls are the perfect look if you want a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Leslie Mann

If your hair is at that stage in-between short and long, style it with loose waves like Mann's look here.

Drew Barrymore

Love wearing your hair straight but need volume? Get Barrymore's style by using a round brush during blow drying to curl the ends.

Salma Hayek

Hayek's hairstyle looks all natural here! Highlight natural waves by scrunching your hair when wet with an anti-frizz product.

Taraji P. Henson

Add shine and bounce by letting hair air dry then heading straight to the curling iron.

Emma Stone

A deep side part helps create a more dramatic look without much effort.

Claire Danes

Keep your curls soft all day long by using a moisturizing mousse, like Davines Curl Moisturizing Mousse.

Sandra Bullock

To get smooth, sleek hair like Sandra Bullock, first apply a serum or cream to your hair and comb through. Part your hair on the side (diagonally, not straight back), and dry with a Mason Pearson brush. "Then, flat-iron if needed for the finishing touch," recommends Vanessa Ungaro, stylist at Warren-Tricomi Salons.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Take a 1 ¼-in curling iron and curl just the bottom of your hair in pieces, alternating the direction from going forward to back, away from your face. Don't curl the tops of tresses; focusing on just the ends achieves a more natural wave, says Ungaro.

Sandra Oh

To get voluminous movement like Sandra Oh, first apply a volumizer from roots to ends and comb through. Then, blow-dry hair either using only your fingers or a round brush. Next, set your hair in Velcro rollers for a minimum of 10 minutes. Finish by combing out with your fingers, recommends Ungaro.

Kate Walsh

First, blow-dry your hair completely. Then, twirl sections around a ½-in to 1-in curling iron to create waves, instead of curls, says Ungaro.

Sally Field

"This style is perfectly imperfect because it flips, yet it's still controlled," says Ungaro. Start off by using a 2-in round brush as you blow-dry your hair. "Make sure to take extra time smoothing out your bangs. Blow-dry them forward before creating a center part."

Jane Krakowski

"Find the arch of your eyebrow to start your part," suggests Ungaro. Then, run a volumizer through your hair and blow-dry completely. After your hair's dry, take a 1 ¼-in to 2-in curling iron and set your hair away from your face. "Finally, use a sculpting paste and scrunch the curls for texture and control," she adds.

Kelly Ripa

Blow your hair opposite the way it grows naturally. When it's 75% dry, apply a little setting lotion, says New York City–based celebrity stylist Gad Cohen. Then, take small-to-medium hair rollers and set each piece, rolling toward the back. Once your whole head is in rollers, fully dry each roller individually or sit under a dryer. Let your hair cool off while doing your makeup or getting dressed. Once you've given your hair enough time to set, remove the rollers. Using a wide-toothed comb, gently separate the curls so they're loose. Spray with a holding spray once they're in place.

Diane Lane

To achieve this polished look, blow out your hair, starting at the crown of your head to get the most volume. Then, work around your face in small sections. Blow each piece in the direction it'll fall, using a large round brush. "Always position the blow dryer behind the round brush, following it for the entire length of the hair. And don't bend or curl the ends," says Cohen. Next, use your fingers to get a "flick" at the ends of your hair, a modern take on the "flip" from the '50s and '60s. Finish off by tucking hair at your temples behind your ears, and let the rest fall naturally over. "This won't overwhelm the face with hair and achieves sleek and chic," says Cohen.

o get this look, blow your hair from wet to damp using a round brush. Then, section hair off, starting in the back. Blow-dry each section from root to tip continuously, and blow the ends just a little for bounce. When you're blowing out around the face, combine a bit of hair from each side of your part and blow-dry those pieces together. To get the most volume, position the blow dryer behind the brush, following the brush as it goes down the length of the hair. Once your hair is totally dry, tip your head upside-down and brush with a Mason Pearson brush. Let hair fall naturally, and finish off with a light spray of L'Oréal Elnett, says Cohen.

Jessica Biel

If you have Jessica Biel's hair texture (naturally smooth), then use a styling aid of your choice for volume and hold and blow out your hair until it's bone dry. Then wrap sections of hair, from the ends to chin-length, around the barrel of a curling iron. Leave the top half of each section straight. This will give ends around the chin some bounce. "As you get closer to your face, make the spirals looser," says Cohen. "It's trendy not to curl the ends. The tips are left straight for the modern 'Veronica Lake' look. The intention is for hair to look finished, not fussy."

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has naturally wavy, thick hair. "Her off-center part, as opposed to a severe center part, works for many women. It creates a modern-yet-retro wavy bob, which is a longer and looser version of the 1920s flapper girl," says Cohen. To achieve Anne Hathaway's look, first let your hair air-dry almost all the way. Then, go over it with a Mason Pearson brush to smooth out the tightness of the curls and soften the texture. Using the same brush, blow out sections from roots to ends. This will make hair fall more naturally and look like an effortless blow-dry. Then, take a 1-in curling iron to the front section of your hair, starting halfway up the strands-clip down, barrel up. At the same time, rotate the barrel toward your head and pull the end down over the clip. Repeat on the same section but closer to the ends of the hair.

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts's hair is the classic pin-straight blunt cut just grazing the shoulders. The length of the bang has to reach the bridge of the nose and gradually get longer, creating slight asymmetry. To achieve Naomi's look, blow-dry your hair smooth and straight. Then, flat-iron small sections from root to tip with no bend at all. This achieves blunt edges with swinging hair. For the bangs, either flat-iron, adding a little downward curve, or use a round brush, creating a "Mod Carnaby Street" bang. Add a trace of hairspray just to the bangs to hold them in place. "The rest of the hair will move freely as you do," says Cohen.

Patricia Heaton

To achieve Patricia Heaton's look, first pre-dry your hair with a straight paddle brush, blowing hair opposite the way it naturally grows for maximum volume. Then, blow out sections of hair on the front and top of your head from bang level working toward the crown with a round boar-bristle brush. While your hair's still warm, roll your hair back into Velcro rollers. Do this for hair the sides of your head as well. At the nape, under the crown, blow out the hair using just your fingers for a loose, fuss-free style. Finally, let out the rollers, and run your fingers through your hair without brushing. The result is a "flick" at the bottom and soft volume around the face. "This is particularly attractive if you have straight, silky hair like Patricia, which can flatten out," says Cohen. "It juxtaposes effortless in the back with a finished front for youth and sophistication."

Kelly Ripa

To achieve Kelly Ripa's look, blow-dry your hair with Paul Labrecque Repair Style Hydrating Hair Lotion and a medium thermal brush. "This will create a smoother, shinier result," says New York celebrity stylist Paul Labrecque. Smooth the ends and add a finishing polish to seal in moisture.

Teri Hatcher

With thick, fabulous hair like Teri Hatcher's, a full, wavy blowout is always a great way to go. To achieve the look, use a medium boar-bristle brush and hydrating hair cream while blow-drying your hair, creating a larger wave toward the end to get a sexy bed-head look. Finish with a volumizing cream and holding spray to keep this look from falling flat, suggests Labrecque.

Heidi Klum

For Heidi Klum's sleek and sexy locks, first apply a frizz-smoothing cream, like Paul Labrecque Straight Style Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm, on wet hair. Then, using a flat brush, blow-dry your hair with no bend or curl on the ends. Once your hair's dry, go over sections of it with a flat iron to keep it sleek and straight. Finally, use a straightening, anti-humidity spray to hold the hair and keep it frizz-free, says Labrecque.

Rachel McAdams

"This sexy rocker blowout is easy and fun to achieve no matter where you're heading," says Labrecque. First, apply a volumizing spray to the roots while your hair is still wet. Then, blow-dry with a medium boar-bristle brush, creating an extreme side part. Once your hair is dry, tousle it with your fingers to create a sexy, messy look. If you want more of a rocker edge, finish by applying a matte pomade to the ends to smooth and separate for texture.

Natalie Portman

"Natalie's carefree and casual blowout is easy to do yourself without the help of a celebrity stylist," says Labrecque. On wet hair, use a volumizing spray all over your roots. Then, with a large round boar-bristle brush, start blow-drying your hair at the front without a specific part. This way, the style can fall into a natural part when it's dry. Make sure you brush upward for added volume and lift. Twirl the ends of your hair around the brush to add a nice bounce.

Reese Witherspoon

Blow dry damp hair into two sections using a round brush to lift the roots. Once your hair is completely dry, take a one-inch curling iron and curl sections away from your face. Make sure to the leave the ends out for looser curls. If they still appear tighter than you'd like, use a flat iron at the ends for a sleeker look. Use a texture spray to give locks a casual, yet styled look.

Kate Hudson

This laidback look requires little effort. Apply a mousse to damp hair for volume, as well as hydrating Argan oil to the ends for extra hydration. Separate hair into two-inch horizontal sections and blow dry so the hot air is blowing down the strands. Make sure to add a nozzle to your blow dryer for more control and use a light hairspray to finish it off.

Kerry Washington

While your hair is still damp, apply a light hold styling gel. Then create a deep side part right where the arch of your eyebrow hits. For initial curls, use hot rollers. Then, section off a two-inch section near the nape of your neck and use a one-inch curling iron to stretch the curls out. Afterward, use a one-and-a-quarter-inch curling iron to style another two-inch section. Carry on with these two steps, alternating between the two irons as you work your way through your hair.

Elizabeth Banks

To get Elizabeth Bank's wavy, tousled tresses, try these styling tricks on second-day hair (the day after you've washed it). Use dry shampoo at the roots to absorb any oil and then take a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron to create volume. Wrap large sections of your hair around the barrel, without curling the ends, for a softer feel. Then using a wide-tooth comb, brush hair on the crown of the head and fasten the top section with bobby pins. This will create a natural half up, half down look.


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Women's Magazine: 40 Medium Length Celebrity Hairstyles We Love
40 Medium Length Celebrity Hairstyles We Love
There's so many different ways you can style this popular cut.
Women's Magazine
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